Industry Firsts & Next Generation Technology

Technology sets apart DTI from other providers, driven by a team aimed at providing solutions that are superior to those currently offered in the industry. With 22 patents, DTI’s technological advancements set the standards for the industry. DTI pushes the envelope in all water depths to rise above what is standard in the industry and produce the next generation of solutions.


A revolutionary design for TLPs, this ram-style riser tensioner outperforms traditional systems in every way.

recoil valve, riser recoil, anti-recoil

DTI offers the fastest, most accurate riser recoil valve in the industry.


DTI introduced the first-ever dual wireline tensioner in 2005.

Ram-style, Short-stroke TLP Production Riser Tensioner

The unique design of this short-stroke production tensioner requires fewer components which leads to a more streamlined system. Its compact framework equals less weight, and reduced maintenance requirements mean cost savings. The DTI TLP ram-style tensioner replaces traditional systems with the most reliable and robust option available today.

Riser Recoil Valves

The riser recoil valve (also known as an anti-recoil valve) is a critical component used in wireline and direct-acting riser tensioner systems to safely control a riser recoil event. The patented DTI design is streamlined to provide a solution that is proven to be unmatched in efficiency, reliability and reaction time.

 Single Wireline 250k System

The unique design of DTI’s single wireline riser tensioner system saves weight and space while maintaining its robust capacity and functionality.

Dual Wireline Riser Tensioner System

DTI’s dual wireline riser tensioner systems offer a clear technology advantage over the typical industry brand with a smaller envelope, added safety and 30% less weight.

50-foot Stroke, Direct-acting Riser Tensioner System

This revolutionary riser tensioner provides reduced risk for spills as well as higher efficiency. The significant reduction in frictional losses is attributed to the system’s unique design which confines the fluid to the cylinder location.

Ram-style, Splash-zone Protected Riser Tensioner

This ram-style riser tensioner is located in the splash zone and is designed to protect it from the wave impact generated in such an environment.

Slip-Joint Tensioner System

DTI’s patented slip-joint tensioner combines industry-proven components to deliver a single tool that operates as both a slip joint and a riser tensioner system. The innovative design saves space and weight while reducing safety hazards in the moon pool.