Prince TLP Ram-style Tensioners

Prince TLP Ram-style Tensioners

Short-stroke, Ram-style Tensioners for Prince TLP

In order to comply with industry regulations and greater tension requirements, EnVen contracted DTI to provide a ram-style tensioner solution that would meet those requirements. The DTI TLP Ram Tensioners (TRT) installed on the Prince TLP replaced the previous tensioners to provide an improved system that will last beyond the 20-year life of typical systems. The DTI TRT is a unique design that requires fewer components, which leads to a more streamlined system. Its compact framework adds less weight, and the reduced maintenance requirements mean cost savings.

With the installation of the DTI TRTs, EnVen operates the industry’s most cost effective, robust, and reliable tensioner solution for TLPs today.

Project Description

Customer: EnVen Energy
Details: Prince Tension Leg Platform (TLP)
Systems Provided: Qty. 4 of TLP Ram-style Riser Tensioners
Completion: 2017