About DTI

About DTI

DTI is dedicated exclusively to the development of drilling and production riser tensioner systems and motion compensation solutions. Founded in 2000 by David Trent, the company has a firm foundation of expertise within the industry.

With DTI, innovation is standard. DTI designed, constructed and delivered the first dual wireline tensioner (120k) on the market and holds more than 20 patents on the designs of additional systems and equipment.

DTI’s mission is to be established as the industry leader in cutting-edge riser tensioner technology and to be a company known for exceptional quality and reliability.


The DTI Advantage


DTI solutions are revolutionary and offer clear advantages such as reduced total weight, smaller envelope, added safety factors and greater reliability and durability.

  • A team of experts with decades of experience
  • A firm dedication to safety and the environment
  • A strong commitment to quality
  • Innovative designs with increased durability and performance
  • Competitive pricing and on-time delivery
  • Systems customized to project needs